Monday, October 4, 2010

23 already...

happy birthday to mee...

sorry to mention but it was my birthday yesterday and i'm 23. wow... where have all the years gone?

my birthday was filled with family, general conference, park city, relaxation and presents!

i know that i'm not old but i feel old. i feel like i need a baby in my belly... haha which sounds crazy but for some reason i have been wanting to start our family lately which probably won't happen soon because we are both in school and i just feel like i'm so close i need to finish strong. anyways... 23 makes me want to be a mommmy.
but i'm really enjoying the two of us...
(husband and i)
and to be honest, don't think i'm ready to share him yet.

ok ok enough with the yearning to be a mom i have so much to be grateful for this year.

1. my new husband!
2. the temple!
3. family who comes to visit us often still.
4. living prophets
5. good friends
6. good recipes! that i'm learning to cook lately.

7. my harp of course... although i have a love/hate relationship with it at the moment.. it has brought so many blessings.
8. fall-pumpkins, pumpkin cookies/bread, witches, costumes, fall leaves etc...
9. our apartment that is close to campus.
10. riding bikes with the husband.

11. football! go bears! and byu...
12. my new ice blue kitchen aid

13. my history class... which i'm actually enjoying, surprisingly.
14. our new ward.
15. utah... love living in this beautiful state. mountains are gorgeous this time of year.
16. could i forget? which actually can't do right now but love the hobby and can't seem to give it up yet..
17. not having to say goodbye at night to my husband.

18. my new last name... which isn't official but will be soon.
19. my new blog of course!
20. the fact that someone just doorbell ditched us with a whole plate of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with a note that says "happy birthday jenna!" yaaa... i ate one before i could even get them in the kitchen. oops...
21. just watching tv/movie on the couch with the husband
22. definitely not making this list next year... running out of ideas

23. and last but not least my savior. best for last.

last weekend husband and i went on a hike up stuart falls just near sundance... it was so beautiful. i felt like i could breath again just being up in the mountains with all the beautiful fall leaves. not only did we go on a beautiful hike but as requested... by me... the husband made me pumpkin pancakes from trader joe's for breakfast. with the real yummy buttermilk syrup. it was a treat for sure.

here is my breakfast chef
hocus pocus please? love this sight

here we are... we look tired it was pretty hard.

the heavens opened up for us on this day... lovely sight to say the least!
love this guy. and loved this day.
well time for bed or homework which this blogging thing takes me forever to figure out. hopefully i will get better.
park city pictures coming soon...


  1. jen! happy happy birthday! glad you had such a fabulous one! hope you know i love you!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! Love that you're blogging. Your Mom gave me the CD with your wedding pics on it..... fabulous!

    Love you lots!

    P.S. You ENJOY the moments with just the 2 of you girl! Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world, but those times that we had with just Spencer and I were priceless! You're gonna be the best mama!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jenna! Don't mind that I look at your blog now :) I must say you will make beautiful babies someday, but I would for sure finish school first and enjoy time with the hubby a little longer too. That being said, being a mother is greater than you can ever imagine and I would never tell anyone when or when to not have a baby. Such a personal choice! Well, you are as beautiful as ever and I am glad you are happy :)

  4. jenna happy birthday. i sure do love you two! and will miss you guys so much

  5. yay jenna! I love that you guys have a blog. add us!

    So happy your bday was wonderful. Let's play sooon!

  6. ahh jenna i love your blog. its so cute. i hope you had a good birthday. we need to get together and celebrate. miss you so much. love you bestie.

  7. JENNA! you sweet little thing. i just saw your blog. happy belated birthday! you and your new hub are just the cutest :)