Thursday, September 30, 2010

nie nie

tonight was a good night...

nie nie came to byu to speak to women about beauty.
she completely inspired me and now,
because of her and many of my incredible friends who blog, i'm starting one.
i am always reading old friends blogs and it's terrible...
but that is the only way i keep in touch with how they are doing in their life,
a phone call probably would be nice but a blog will do!
i'm just so inspired by so many and hope that this can be of good use.
well this is my first post and i think i need to go cuddle with my husband...
who just snuck in bed without me.
after being touched by nie nie's incredible story
i feel i need to cherish every moment i get with my loved one...
and of course other loved ones but he's my favorite one...
so hopefully this won't be the last blog post for a while and i will try and be good about posting but for now it's bed time with the husband. tootles!


  1. I love nie nie! I wish I would have been in Provo to hear her speak. I am sure it was amazing. I love her blog and love to read it everyday. She truely is an inspiration to so many people. I am excited you started a blog so I can follow what you are doing!

  2. ash! it so good to hear from you. i can't believe you and nate are in moscow. i need to hear all about it. good thing we have blogs now! miss you guys!

  3. yes! you're possibly my favorite couple ever, so I'm super happy you are blogging now.

  4. JEN! oh my heavens i am so happy you started a blog! i miss you so much. i saw the story of you and trev in Idaho Bride magazine (or whatever its called) your wedding was so beautiful! i would love to see you sometime soon! please please let me see you! i love nie and would have loved to come and hear her speak. she is amazing. i cant wait to keep up with you a little bit more through your blog. i love you!

  5. so glad you started a blog. seriously, so glad.

  6. yay jenna im happy you have a blog now, I want to hear about your wonderful newlywed life! Hope you're doing well, miss you!

  7. JENNA...SO excited you have a blog! love you

  8. ana... you are possibly my favorite person ever!
    kyrsten... aah i love you and miss you so much. your amazing thanks so much for your example! i love your blog so much.
    molly... wow you are so creative... love your blog so happy we can keep in better touch.
    alex... felicity is perfection! so happy i got to see you two this summer.
    hillary... i love your blog. your family is so cute. miley is adorable! she is mini you! so cute miss you and love you!