Monday, February 28, 2011

new hair?

i'm really considering chopping my hair off.
every time i see jessica alba with her new effortless do
i feel like i need it.
although, i hate when i consider things like this
and follow through because there's just no chance in looking
as good as little miss alba. what do you think?
i need serious help because i never cut my h
air short ever.
i mean i'm usually in the middle but it's pretty long right now.
before i go and make a huge move with my look i need some advice.

should this be my new hair?

not only do i love her hair but
love her on red carpet and around town.
perfect street style.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


sundance was eventful. my brother in law shaun is always so nice to get us in to all these events and take us to some pretty fun parties.
the first night he got us all in to the snoop concert. lets just say it was pretty great. we all had fun but left early. us married people...

we met a few celebs.
trevor claimed i get way too star struck. maybe i do.

here he is with rick fox - trevor loves sports. thats all he talks about. (this is a whole other blo
g post)

oh don't worry we met the bachelor clan as well. i walked up like i knew them. however, i forgot i don't really know them i just have watched way too much t.v.

i really thought i knew tinley for some reason.
i waved at her from across the room like i saw an old friend.
i'm so embarrassing. she waved back and was just as nice to all of us as she is on t.v.

here we are! best friends!! haha

later that night we jumped into james franco.
don't know why he was dancing around with a wig on but we
stopped him for a picture.
lets just say - he was in love with my cousin courtni.
watch out james... she's married.
although, we will be watching you next week on the oscars.

we had a good time at chefdance - except we are not your typical fine dining family.
shaun - who got us in to this ritzy business - is probably the worst with food. it was funny watching us all try to hold our breath as we scarfed down what we could - who knows what we were eating.
the dessert was good.

sundance was good to us this year.

gotta go snuggle. good night.

it's been a while.

it has been way too long since i have blogged last. soooo much has been going on. thanksgiving, christmas, valentines day. too bad i'm not very good at documenting our life. i'm getting better at it. anyways... here is what has been happening.

this was a christmas night in our little apartment.
just enjoying hot cocoa, peppermint sticks, ghetto christmas decor and a husband with a dirty
mustache. loved it.
one of my very best friends got married over new years!
i love her so much and dustin is one lucky guy. congrats you two!

husband is also playing volleyball this year for byu. he started the season off well getting mvp in their first match of their tournament in santa barbara. way to go trev! so proud of him.

still supporting the dirty mustache. gross i know.
how cute is our little nephew jett. love him.

and last but not least. snoop kissed my mother in law!
she was lovin it. haha this was after the kiss.