Monday, February 28, 2011

new hair?

i'm really considering chopping my hair off.
every time i see jessica alba with her new effortless do
i feel like i need it.
although, i hate when i consider things like this
and follow through because there's just no chance in looking
as good as little miss alba. what do you think?
i need serious help because i never cut my h
air short ever.
i mean i'm usually in the middle but it's pretty long right now.
before i go and make a huge move with my look i need some advice.

should this be my new hair?

not only do i love her hair but
love her on red carpet and around town.
perfect street style.


  1. jennnnaaa i love your hair but i bet you would pull this look off. you can pull anything off. call me this week...we need to get together. love you!

  2. I LOVE her hair, and you would look LOVELY with it... DO IT!!! I am actually planning on doing a similar look soon, but we will see if I have the guts!

  3. Jenna You really can pull anything off! You are adorable and I think you would look even better than Jessica! :) I can't wait to see it if you do!

  4. You should definately do it Jenna! You would look darling!

  5. Found your blog Sage. I am thinking yes to the hair. Hair is one thing you can change on your body without surgery or too much expense, so my philosophy is that you should! Love you and looking forward to following you and your cute husband...

  6. Hey girl, thanks for the sweet comment on the blog. We are doing well...just getting ready for baby #3. You look fabulous as always. So excited to read your blog!

  7. Oh my goodness if you cut your hair you have to call me os i can see it after! I love love love long hair you know that but i have told you since i met you you have a perfect face for short hair. it would be adorable and you could pull it off so good! love you!

  8. Okay you would look soo ridiculously hot with a that new do. Like, I kind of want you to do it just so I can see you like that... because you have always had long hair. BUT, I just don't know because I love long hair and i love YOUR hair. Ugh, hair is such a hard decision. BTW.. you would Look HOTTER than Jessica. DUH! xo

  9. Jenna I say CHOP IT! I just chopped mine off (much to Brads dismay) But i love it. It's so refreshing and fun. I just got stuck in a funk with long hair and desperately needed change. Plus it is almost summer and a great time for change. You will look adorable no matter what you chose to do but i say go for it! (Me trying to convince you to cut your hair reminds me of all the times you convinced one of the girls in london to buy something your sweet little persuasion)