Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i really can't help but post about byu basketball. it has been so fun to be cougar fans this year. husband LOVES sports. he follows all the games and knows everything about each team. blows my mind. i'll admit- pretty sure we both have jimmer fever.

we decided to go to las vegas a couple of weeks ago to watch our cougars. we witnessed the 52 point game. unreal. we love byu and basketball and jimmer. good luck tomorrow cougs! we believe!!

on a side note...
i have something pretty big coming up this weekend.
my senior recital is on saturday.
if you don't have anything at 12pm noon -
would love it if you could make it.
there will be great refreshments!


  1. i love you. i love that you guys actually have a good team to cheer on! :) i wish i could come to your harp recital you are amazing. so amazing. i miss you. good luck!

  2. JIMMER! We've got bad fever too! I have NOTHING @ noon on saturday, I WISH I COULD COME!!! Good luck my bean! See you soon...