Thursday, October 14, 2010

taylor swift always gets me...
tonight, while trevor was at the library finishing up homework,
i was folding laundry and cleaning up the apartment.
my i-pod was playing and taylor swift's song "mine" came on. my mind was flooding with memories of the past when i first met my love.
come onn... seriously, i was choking a little bit because not that i just realized but i'm always constantly reminded of how grateful i am that trevor and i are together forever.

as i was reflecting on the first day i met him i just got so twitterpated again.
i mean i was on cloud nine and gosh i still am.
i love these little constant reminders because life can get in the way and i can act a little spoiled to my husband and he just loves me. its ridiculous. he is the nicest person on the planet. no joke...
i got so lucky it's unreal.

taylor, you hit the spot for me tonight...
not only did she bring back exciting, and i will just say magical memories, (i know it is cheesy but it's seriously how i felt when i first met mr. neff... come onnn...) but she just reminded me of how grateful i am trevor's my husband. it was a long process,
but we made it mr. love of my life.

the best part of it is... he seriously has always been mine.
this guy has never broken my heart, left me, (except for the mission), or said an unkind thing to me. and i'm serious.
i honestly can't say that for myself but he can.
i love him to death and so thankful he is mine.

"you are the best thing that's ever been mine" yaaa taylor...

this guy...

how pretty is park city. ah love fall

ok so my brother beau and his wife amber just had their fourth baby boy. how great is that. amber is such a cute mom and has the best/cutest little boys. i love my nieces and nephews. i seriously can't get enough of them. they all are soo funny and too cute i can hardly stand it. this family picture was at baby tytan's blessing.
it was such a beautiful day and so fun to be with the family.
we're only missing tanner in this picture. dang...

conference weekend.
we were lucky enough to go to one of the sessions!

uh park city again... i have no idea how to organize the pictures on here. seriously this blogging thing takes me forever.

come onnn how great is that smile on husbands face. lovin hims..

happppy halloween everyone... haha witch faces.

bed time for me... school at 8am.


  1. jenna you are so cute. Congrats on your marriage! I'm so happy for you and Trevor

    . . . and taylor always gets to me too. ha! love that song.

  2. you are so beautiful. your family is beautiful. im so happy you are so happy! you deserve it!

  3. hey jenna, i just saw your blog on casey and ashley's. congrats on getting married! i saw your pictures of park city in the fall and just HAD to comment that i MISS THE FALL IN UTAH! soak it up for me! hope all is well!

  4. So cute Jenna! Your wedding pics are so cute, did Jill do your wedding too? xx

  5. Jenna. I just love you! What a sweet post. You and trevor are so adorable! miss you lady.

  6. jenna please can we see eachother sometime soon! we are in south jordan so we are even closer to you than salt lake! so wonderful! let me know anytime you guys can go to dinner or come to our house for dinner! or games or anything! i would love to see you! i LOVE YOU!