Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mothers and graduation

I am a little late to be discussing Mother's Day
but I just couldn't do another post until I have written something about our Mothers.

Trevor and I are both the youngest in our families so
I feel us both to be very close to our Mama's.
I am the youngest of three boys so my Mom and I have really stuck together over the years. We are best friends and
I still have to call her every day about something or another. She drops everything to help her kids. She really is the most selfless woman I know. She is so talented and an incredible example I can't say enough about her.

I don't think you will find a kinder person in
the world than Trevor's Mom.
She really is so nice to everyone and knows how to have a good time. I am so lucky I gained another incredible Mother.
I have always felt our Mom's to be very similar in the fact th
at they are constantly sacrificing for their families.
I never see either of our Mom's take a break or sit down. They are always playing with the Grand kids, making meals, cleaning up the house, running errands, or traveling to see their kids. I can't say enough good things about the both of them.

We were able to visit temple square on Mother's day. The flowers were gorgeous. I love Temple Square.

On a side note... I graduated from college a couple of weeks ago. It feels great! I loved going to commencement with all of my other fellow graduates. I felt so accomplished! My favorite part of graduation was Elder Richard G. Scott's speech during our commencement. I have to share what he told us because I felt it to really hit home and be so inspiring. He shared 10 principles we should always live by.

1. Establish a set of principles to guide your life. (teachings of Jesus Christ).
2. Don't make exceptions to your standards. (Be loyal to the teachings you have received from your parents and your education.
3. Be loyal (Be loyal to your parents/loved ones/savior).
4. Live so that the Lord can guide you to where He wants you to serve.
5. Serve Others.
6. Smile
7. Don't complain (life isn't always fair - that's a fact- but it brings many opportunities if you know where to find.)
8. Always have a church assignment. Be connected with the things of God and ways to serve him.
9. Go to the temple. (It will allow you to remember the most important things in life and give service to others)
10. Use the Savior as an example to pattern your life after.

The reason I loved what he said is because he made it sound so simple. He shared many other stories and teachings that inspired me to live a better life and always be LOYAL to the things I have been taught my whole life. I gained a stronger testimony and understanding that if I do the things which I know to be right I will always find true happiness. Of course life is not fair and sometimes hard but I know if we are loyal to our parents and the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will in the end be truly happy.

(This is a really heavy post and I know I am a nerd because I was taking notes on my phone during commencement but I just felt it to be so inspiring - if you are wondering what I might be talking about click this.

I really had a great graduation. Now off to bigger and better things!


  1. so true. two of the greatest women around. both role models of mine. love those ladies!
    & CONGRATULATIONS!!!! xoxo

  2. Great post. Loved the inspired words. Always need those. Cheers to bigger and better. Can't wait to see all you do!

  3. im lovin the short hair! you are beautiful as ALWAYS!!

  4. you are a babe! congratulations on graduation! you are amazing!

  5. You are just the most darling thing. Congrats on graduating! Are you staying in Utah? Please say yes, I'm moving up in a few weeks!

  6. jenna! I saw your blog on Courtney's site, and I loveeee it. So darling. Consider me your newest follower.

  7. Jenna. You are so adorable. What an inspiring post, I love and miss you lady!

  8. So happy I found your cute blog! Loved this post!

  9. Congrats Jen! That is so exciting. I love your mom too. She is wonderful.